PageTech PCL Conversion Technology Overview

Since 1993, PageTechSM has been developing tools for software developers exclusively for the transformation of HP® PCL print streams. PageTech software is currently used directly or indirectly by over 120,000 organizations and by over 50 million people worldwide. PageTech is also a world leader in scalable typeface conversion tools, with its AllType® - Universal Typeface Conversion technologies.

PageTech’s core technologies are integrated into its flagship product PCLTool SDK, which can parse, index, split, streamedit, view and convert PCL into various raster and vector formats or print to any Windows printer.

PCLTool SDK is unique in that it uses its own scalable FastFont engine to rasterize fonts "on-the-fly" when converting to bitmap file formats like TIFF, PCX, BMP, PNG, etc. at various resolutions. And, when converting to PDF format, it can even convert bitmap fonts into embedded scalable TrueType fonts. Or, it can convert PCL into WMF, EMF or PageTech Metafile vector/text/graphic formats, along with the TrueType fonts required to match those resident fonts in Windows and in a HP LaserJet Series IV printer. PageTech converts PCL into the smallest JBIG2 raster PDF files with searchable text.

PCLTool SDK is available in five powerful configurations and a GUI-Only version, PCLWorks Program. PCLWorks combines the performance and reliability available in our high-end PCLTool SDK Options, with the simplicity and special pricing required by customers with low budgets and no custom scripting requirements.

Our five PCLTool SDK configurations are designed for developers in the form of development libraries, programs and utilities. PageTech's PCLTool SDK includes the broadest range of powerful, creative and easily extensible tools and programs available on the market today.

PCLTool SDK is also available as a full functioning demo for customers to perform compatibility testing with their PCL before they purchase. A free application analysis is also available to all prospects and customers via our Technical Support Form or by sending an email to that includes a description of your application, workflow, text extraction, output filenaming, indexing and other requirements. We also need all essential PCL and resource files. PLEASE – allow us to save you some evaluation and/or development time by guiding you to the optimal way to utilize all that is in our SDK. We can only do this if you start a technical dialogue with us prior to purchasing or prototyping.

Partnerships and alliances with business and technology leaders remains a fundamental part of our business. Listed below are our partners in select countries that have integrated our PCL conversion, viewing and/or printing technology into their solutions:

  • Austria/Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain

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PCL to PDF Products

PCL Transformation products for Developers, Systems Integrators and MIS departments.


PCLTool SDK converts complex PCL into PDF, PDF/A, XPS, TIFF, BMP, PNG, WMF, and EMF.

PCLWorks Program

PCLWorks provides a Subset of Essential PCLTool SDK GUI-Only Programs that can view, convert, debug, and analyze PCL Printstreams.

PCL to PDF Products

PageTech News and Product Information

PageTech Announces the Release of PCLTool SDK v12.0

PCLTool SDK v12.0 now makes it easier than ever before to extract text from complex PCL (all levels), while transforming that text into resources for TransPromo documents, or editing the text by adding OMR, IMB or 2-D barcodes for mailing applications.

PageTech Announces Release of its New PCLMagic Printer Drivers

New industry-exclusive PCL printer drivers embeds searchable text into the PCL print streams before the printer driver generates them, saving all the text in its natural unscrambled state.

PageTech Announces Release of PCLTool SDK v11.0

With the release of PCLTool SDK v11.0, PageTech now offers its flagship product in two different flavors -- PCLTool SDK 32-bit or PCLTool SDK 64-bit – plus .NET versions of its major programs for each platform.